The regular classes from 08:30 to 15:30, and are compulsory for all students.

For all non-German and non-English native speakers native language classes (for example Chinese, Serbian, Russian, etc.) will be offered. Special emphasis is placed on the development of one’s own language.

Numerous studies confirm that bilingualism at a young age positively influences the learning process compared to monolingual upbringing. Multilingualism improves cognitive abilities and further strengthens the ability to concentrate.

Scientific studies have also shown that children are better able to learn other languages ​​the better they understand their own native language. They are more linguistically able and can better reflect the linguistic structures. Teaching in the native language does not compete in any way with the German support measures and may even strengthen them through targeted motivation and language comparisons to language teaching and instruction. An official grading certificate for the native language enhances the appreciation for it and ​​promotes the intercultural skills of the students, by contrasting and reflecting on the different cultural characteristics of the country of origin and Austria.

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