Our bilingual pre-school provides a well-supervised, safe and stimulating learning environment. Native teachers conduct the classes in English and German, and both languages are used in everyday school life.

Using the immersion method, where languages are used for instruction, the children quickly find their way in both languages.

Immersion and the lived bilingualism

English and German both languages that are used equally for instructions, so that the children learn to function naturally in both languages.

We use the immersion method, whereby a complete immersion into the respective language takes place. The foreign language is used playfully and completely naturally for the engagement with the environment. As result, the children learn to overcome the fear of the foreign language and learn to use the language effortlessly. In the beginning the child learns to understand the words, which is achieved by visualization and contextualization of the learning contents. Here, the teachers show pictures and make gestures to make themselves understood.

In the next step, the students begin using the second language naturally, just as a toddler would acquiring a language.

Scientific research have shown:

  • After a few years of lessons lead in new language, would mean mastery of that language.
  • The greatest success is achieved if one had experience with the languages ​​before enrolment.
  • Immersion method lessons do not negatively impact the development of the native language
  • Beyond language acquisition, the immersion method promotes children’s overall cognitive development, such as language awareness, creativity and thinking in alternative solutions.

At Meridian International School, children can learn German as well as English language using the immersion method, even if their mother tongue is neither German nor English.

The teachers of Meridian international School Grinzing are all native speakers, and they use their own language not only as the language of instruction in the classroom, but also on the playground, during lunch, at events and excursions.

Using immersion method native-speaker teachers provide learners with access to the rational, emotional and cultural dimensions of the target language. This is the basis for developing a comprehensive and holistic language competence.

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